7.4v Lipo Gel Blaster Battery



  • High discharge lithium polymer battery
  • International universal 3P charging port
  • Surface: PVC; wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, high temperature
  • Standard voltage: 7.4v

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Battery

Please Note: 

When charging batteries, we recommend charging them between 1-3 hours.

To preserve battery and maintain a long battery life please ensure your battery is charged regularly. Running the battery completely flat shortens it’s life span. The more complete discharge cycles the shorter the life span.

Item type: Li-po battery
Capacity: 450 mAh
Continuous Discharge Rate: 20C
Voltage: 7.4V

Charge: 3 pin balance connector
Discharge: JST
Working temperature: 0-40 ℃
Battery Size: 6 * 2 * 1 cm
Battery Weight: 50g

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Type:  Battery  for Gel Blasters

Material: plastic/electrics

7.4V JST plug battery

Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 cm


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