AUSGEL Gelstorm Hardened Pink


Ausgel Pinks are a hardend gel used with most gel blasters that run the 7-8 mm gels.

Please soak your gel balls for a minimum of 4-5 hours in clean water.

10,000 Gels will fit perfectly in a 3 lt milk bottle for hydration purposes, once grown just drain water and store in cool dry place or fridge.

Do Not Freeze and/or add washing liquid or any other lubricant to the water as this can damage your gel blaster.

“These are by far the absolute best all around gel in the USA market! I love my Gen8s and I have them hitting 280-300 FPS. The Ausgel pink gels handle amazing, pack a punch, and are by far the most accurate grouping gel when paired with a hop-up.”


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