Bosli-po 11.1v Battery for M4 Buffer tube



  • High discharge lithium polymer battery
  • International universal 4P charging port
  • Surface: PVC; wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, high temperature
  • Standard voltage: 11.1v

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Battery

Please Note: 

11.1v Batteries cannot be charged with the 7.4v USB charger supplied with Gel Blasters.

A separate charger is required to charge 11v batteries. We advise the B3 Battery Charger as it charges each cell independently.

When charging batteries, we recommend charging them between 1-3 hours.

To preserve battery and maintain a long battery life please ensure your battery is charged regularly. Running the battery completely flat shortens it’s life span. The more complete discharge cycles the shorter the life span.

Brand: BosLi-Po
Item type: Li-po battery
Capacity: 1200mAh
Continuous Discharge Rate: 20C
Voltage: 11.1V

Charge: 4 pin balance connector
Discharge: JST plug
Working temperature: 0-40 ℃
Battery Size: 13 * 2 * 1.6cm
Battery Weight: 85g

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Type:  Battery  for Gel Blasters

Material: plastic/electrics

11.1 V JST plug battery

Additional information

Weight .058 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 1.5 cm


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